Last Saturday was a special time for me. It is when the Polish TV Broadcaster, TVN, released the "Got Talent" Casting show which I was the part of. As my shows are not shorter than 4 minutes, I had a hard task to squeeze in all the tricks I wanted to show within a 2 minutes routine - but I eventually managed to do this.   SEE THE VIDEO  - GOT TALENT CASTING SHOW After a flawless 2 minutes routine, the judging panel that consisted of some of the most famous Polish TV personalities, spoke about my show: Agnieszka Chylińska, singer
You did a great thing. I can only imagine, how much time you have spent with the ball to create something that unique.
Agustin Egurrola, dancer
 The ball control and creativity that you've shown are unbelievable. That is a true masterpiece. What's more - I'm honoured that you're standing on that stage!
Małgorzata Foremniak, actress
I never thought I could call such a show - charming . That was an outstanding performance and I'm glad I could experience this.

3x YES!

  Thanks to that verdict I have a huge chance to go through to the next stage of the Polish Got Talent show and to fulfil my dream which is to organize European Championship in Football Freestyle in Poland - using the prize money for winning Got Talent show!  🙂