Football Freestyle

It isn't as hard as it looks. Football is for everyone, I just add a little Freestyle to it.


Workshops are a great addition to stage performances. Feel free to ask about them - I offer discounts on packages. I can provide you with detailed guidelines on how to prepare a promotion stand at your request.

In a nutshell, this package involves teaching football moves and tricks offstage. I conduct workshops with a group of minimum 4 people in a specially designated place (football pitch, stand at trade fairs). This is a perfect solution for town days, sports picnics, outdoor events, as well as trade fairs or branch events (as an additional attraction to your promotion stand). I am also very eager to work with organizers of summer and day camps.

Workshops can be delivered in either Polish or English.


60—120 min

Recommended for:

trade fairs, outdoor events, branch events, summer and day camps, sports camps

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